Living fully

Everyday is an opportunity to embrace the beauty of life.


Where Life

What do you picture when you think of a nursing home? Most images of skilled nursing facilities might bring a sense of fear or guilt, but how about we take another look?

Numerous residents have arrived in what seems to be their final days of life, with feelings of helplessness or having given up the opportunities to continue enjoying life. It isn’t easy to adjust to a new place or separate from what’s familiar, but we see the transition as an opportunity rather than a tragedy.

Our vision is one of hope and enthusiasm because we see each loved one that passes through our doors as a gift sent from God. Each one is capable of loving much and being loved much. Love is essential to the flourishing of life.

“A person is an entity of a sort to which the only proper and adequate way to relate is love.” -Pope St. John Paul II

When residents pass through our doors, they can often regain a sense of meaning. They are able to not only embrace the reality of decreased physical and mental capabilities, but they are able to use those very things as channels in which God can heal another. The beauty of being able to love our residents for who they are is exemplified when they truly are limited in their ability to be independent.

Whether residents are here for long-term or short-term care/rehab, we want to ensure that their time here is filled with activities and events that fill them with joy and life. No matter their stage of life, we believe that life should always be lived and enjoyed.

We dedicate ourselves to providing excellent nursing care and assistance to all our residents.

Together, we seek to enrich everyone we encounter daily, no matter how ordinary the interaction may seem.

Without God, our Home would not be the way that it is. With Christ at our center, our love pours forth in all we do.

an All encompassing vision

What is living fully?

Our greatest desire for our residents is that they can flourish at our Home. Being involved with Activities, spiritual opportunities, and engaging with others during meals are all ways in which we aspire to create a holistic environment for our residents.

Our vision incorporates all aspects of clinical care, community, and spiritual life in a cohesive way of life that can be adjusted according to each resident and their capabilities and interests.

The greatest joy is when we are gifted with the experience of a resident coming alive during a conversation or activity utilizing their motor skills! To see our residents live fully is our greatest desire and gift for them and their loved ones.

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