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Adult Day Care

Before a person is in need of full-time nursing care facility such as <span style=”color:#507699″>Mother of Good Counsel Home</span>, an adult day care center may provide protection and guidance on a daily basis. Caregivers will also benefit with a needed break or respite. It is helpful to consider the following factors when evaluating an adult day care center.

What services are needed?

Consider the individual needs and how they may best be met, such as nutrition, exercise, therapy, social activities, transportation and other support.

What adult day care centers are available?

Search online or ask friends about local adult day care centers to consider. Before you visit, call and ask for a brochure, eligibility criteria and payment options.

What does further research reveal?

Look for information about the owner or sponsoring agency and how long they’ve been in operation. Do they hold a license and are they in good standing with the state? What are hours and days of operation? How are fees determined (hourly or daily rates and extras)? Is financial assistance available? What are staff credentials and what is the participants-to-staff ratio? Check on meal menus, appeal and nutritional balance. Be sure the staff is qualified to serve the conditions of your loved one.

What do your senses tell you?

A visit to two or more centers is advised. You will want to see firsthand which adult day care center is right for your loved one and your needs as a caregiver. Verify your understanding about staffing, programs, procedures and costs. How clean, comfortable and accessible is the facility and its furnishings? Does the food look appetizing? Do you detect any odors?

What are others’ experiences?

It’s wise to talk with two or three people (or more) who are currently using or who have used the center recently and ask for their opinions about the facility and its staff.

What can you learn from a trial visit?

Since it can take several visits to feel comfortable in a new setting and with new routines, it’s good to try a new place for three to five days. If there are any problems, ask to meet with the center’s staff to see if they have ideas for making the transition easier, both at home and at the adult day care center.

If needs progress to the point where full-time care is needed, consider exploring Mother of Good Counsel Nursing Home for your loved one.

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