Let’s Answer Your Questions!

There are many questions that you may have in regard to care
given at the Mother of Good Counsel Home and about senior living in general.

In the following list, we offer answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

Feel free to call or email us with additional questions.


Do you accept non-Catholic residents?

Of course! The Home welcomes residents from every denomination and religion.

Do you provide Memory Care?

Yes, the Home provides Memory Care for many of our residents.

Do you accept people with Alzheimer’s or related dementia?

Many of our residents experience confusion or memory loss; some have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Our Home is equipped with all the safety features needed to provide a safe environment and staff are trained in working with this special group.

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

At this time, we are a private pay only facility. However, if your loved one qualifies, we can pursue other financial avenues such as Long-Term Care insurance and Veterans’ benefits. The possibilities can be discussed on a one-on-one basis with our Administrator or Financial Director.

Do you currently have openings?

Yes, we currently have several openings. Call us at (314)-383-4756 for the latest updates and to plan ahead!

Do we need to pay a deposit on the room?

We do not require a deposit before or upon admission.

How are social work services provided?

Our Social Service Designee is Lynn Brown. You can email her at: lbrown@mogch.org

Activities/Daily Life

Are residents able to attend daily Mass?

All residents can attend daily Mass in our Chapel. Residents who are unable to go to the Chapel can listen to the Mass on loudspeakers which are on all three floors. A Sister distributes Holy Communion residents who would like to receive the Eucharist.

What types of activities are offered? Are residents required to participate?

There are various kinds of activities offered throughout the day and months that combine the best in group activities and events with personal, customized pursuits. All residents are given the option to participate in large and small group activities tailored to their abilities and desires. One-on-one activities are offered to residents who are unable to attend group activities.

Are special diets available? Can we have snacks in the room?

Special diets are prepared by our dietary staff according to the physician’s orders. Snacks from home are encouraged, but please consult first with the nurse on the floor for your loved one’s ultimate well-being.

Can the residents visit others on another floor?

Yes. Residents may certainly visit one another on different floors, as long as safety procedures are followed and floor staff knows where residents are at all times. If a resident needs assistance, a staff member will accompany the resident to ensure a safe transfer.

Do you get residents up and dressed every day?

Our nursing staff assists residents in getting up each morning, and ensures each resident is dressed and well-groomed for the day.


Do you have a Beauty Salon or Barber Shop in-house?

We have a Beauty Salon and Barber Shop. Among the available services are shampoos, sets, perms, color, relaxers, haircuts and beard/mustache trims. Women and men appreciate the removal and/or trimming of facial hair by a professional.

Do the residents receive physical therapy? What services are provided?

Our Rehab Care staff provides skilled services per the doctor’s recommendation. Although needs vary by resident, the desired result is the same for all – optimal functioning at the highest level possible. Rehab Care staff members establish a plan of care that helps the resident achieve and maintain the highest level of independence possible. Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy can also be contracted through Rehab Care. A wide range of specific exercises and tasks help the resident improve gross and fine motor skills, as well as swallowing and communication. Evaluation and billing is handled directly with Rehab Care.

How often does the doctor visit? Can we keep our physician?

Our doctors visit weekly. If you prefer to keep your own doctor, arrangements for transportation are made by the family or responsible party.

Is personal laundry and bed linen included in the cost? Can our family wash clothing?

House laundry, such as bed linens and bath towels, is included in the daily rate. Personal laundry can be done by the family or in-house at an additional cost.

Family and Communications

Can residents go on outings?

Yes, residents may go on outings, with the doctor’s permission. We are happy to make available a wheelchair, walker or cane. Our staff will offer training to help you feel more comfortable with transporting your loved one.

Can residents have a phone in their room?

Yes. The family supplies the telephone (landline or cell) and calls the phone company to initiate the service. The resident will receive a private phone number that can be dialed, and the monthly bill will be a personal expense.

Can residents use technology or have access to Wi-Fi?

Yes! Residents are able to have their cellular phones, laptops, computers, etc. and have access to the internet at our Home.

Can children come to visit? What are visiting hours?

Children are always welcome. The Home does not have strict visiting hours, but after 9:30 a.m., when residents have had their morning care, is best.