Engaging in Daily Life

Residents can enjoy life through the multitude of activities offered here


Curious about Daily Life here?

You might be wondering what goes on daily at a Home? Pictures of residents sitting alone in their rooms might be coming into your imagination. But here, our main priority is engaging the residents with stimulating and exciting activities that involves their physical and intellectual capabilities.

  • Large Group Activities

  • Art, Music, Culture

  • Modified sports and games

  • PARTIES…lots of them!

  • One-on-one activities

  • Special events based on events and historical figures


We are happy to welcome the many musical, theatrical, and dance troupes and performers who come to Mother of Good Counsel Home each year to share their special gifts with our residents. Family members are always welcome to attend and join in the fun of watching and listening to these exciting professional and amateur performances.

Physical Fitness Activities

We offer various games and activities that sustain our residents’ physical fitness. Current physical fitness fun includes bean-bag toss, bowling, walking and Wii games. These activities help residents maintain and improve mobility, balance, strength and physical wellness through enjoyable activities specifically designed to meet their needs.

Musical Activities

Music is a familiar and universal language, reminding many of the “good old days” and adding spring to our steps. Music nurtures the spirit and brightens our lives. Mother of Good Counsel Home offers our residents Sing Along gatherings, Name That Tune fun, music bingo and other musical outlets. For those who enjoy listening and watching rather than making music, musical entertainment is a regular feature at the Home

Cognitive/Intellectual Activities

Many of our residents enjoy lifelong learning, engaging in spirited discussions, playing games that tap their cognitive skills and problem solving. Our residents’ mental acuity and cognitive abilities are encouraged with card games, board games, movie nights, trivia contests, current events, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!

Fun in Nature/Outdoor Activities

Many elderly adults consider access to nature near their homes to be very important. This natural source of well-being and happiness is easily accessible to our residents and their families. Mother of Good Counsel Home’s well-groomed seven-acre campus provides a virtual park setting for our residents’ enjoyment. Breathing fresh air, feeling the wind and noticing the cycles of nature contribute to our residents’ positive outlook and healthy spirit. Our resident garden, accessible walkways, benches, grotto and gathering spaces provide many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Seasonal Celebrations and Theme Events

Each month offers new opportunities to plan a party or gathering. Our seasonal celebrations include Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, Santa and Angel visits and Christmas caroling and Angel visits, to name just a few. We also plan theme parties, whether to kick off St. Louis Cardinals baseball, highlight our residents in the annual Talent Show or make Valentine’s cards for that special someone. Our residents enjoy taking part in the many seasonal events and theme celebrations.

Family Get-Togethers

(Potlucks, entertainment, trivia nights, barbecue cookouts)
Good home-style cooking is a mainstay of Mother of Good Counsel Home, so much so that the Home has its own cookbook (please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one!). We plan monthly family potluck suppers with bingo, trivia, musical entertainment and more, all of which bring together the love of family. These treasured traditions build a lasting bond of community that connects, supports and strengthens the many families of Mother of Good Counsel Home.