Memory Care

Provided in the context of a loving residential community with comforting stability in surroundings and staff.

Integrated into Daily Living

Orientated towards a cohesive experience.

the MOGCH difference

We’re in this together.

Has your loved one recently seem to be needing more help than usual in recalling their needs for the day? Do you find yourself asking more and more questions about their daily care…? Have they really taken their medicine? Is it safe to leave them for a second when they seem so disoriented? How could you continually take care of them and pay attention to other aspects of your life? Do you find that your own emotional, mental, and physical health have been depleted?

If you have experienced asking any of those questions, first know that none of the above questions should make you feel ashamed or guilty. The reason why you might be experiencing these questions when a loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s is because the progression of dementia can often cause a strain for the caregivers and loved ones.

Sometimes, it comes to a point when you are unable to provide all the care they need. With our approach of Memory Care, we hope to provide the help and care that allows for your loved one to maintain the highest level of cognitive ability.

We take care of the daily tasks – laundry services, housekeeping, meal preparation, grooming, socialization, medication management and more.

Why? Because these details bring ease and simplicity to the lives of those with memory loss. With these tasks being handled by loving mission partners, the families and caregivers can peacefully visit their loved one with the assurance that their loved one is safe, secure and in loving hands.

The spirit and substance of our activities, nutrition and nursing care combine to help residents attain and sustain their highest level of potential cognitive functioning.

Our compassionate mission partners follows personalized care plans for each patient developed in consultation with each resident and his or her family. Onsite physical therapy and rehab services help residents with memory care needs stay physically
active and engaged. Activities are personalized, from one-on-one visits to group gatherings.

Engaged and Active

We all take joy in seeing our residents adjust to the new ways in which they can stay engaged throughout the Home.