Centered on Christ

psalm 92:14

“Planted in the house of the LORD,
they shall flourish in the courts of our God.”

At the core of our identity is our Catholic approach to healthcare and community. Although deeply rooted in our Catholic identity, residents and mission partners from all different faith backgrounds are welcome here! With the leadership and service of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George, our mission is primarily one of spiritual care for the souls of all that enter through our doors.

We know that many residents yearn to stay active and involved spiritually by attending daily Mass or through various religious activities. For those Catholic residents who are unable to attend daily Mass, a Sister brings Holy Communion to them after Mass.

Daily Mass

Mass is offered at 9:30am Monday through Saturday, and at 10:00am on Sunday’s.

Eucharistic Adoration/Private Prayer Time

Monday through Friday, our residents can silently encounter Christ in His Eucharistic Presence while offering their joys and sufferings to His Heart.

Nightly Blessings

Each evening, several Sisters pray and bless our residents and mission partners

Communion Rounds

For those Catholic residents unable to attend daily Mass, a Sister will bring Holy Communion to them on the floors and in their rooms.

Anointing of the Sick

Considered “provision for the journey,” our Catholic residents receive the Anointing of the Sick before surgery or quarterly.

Weekly Rosary

Praying together strengthens our connection with others and with God.

Special Prayer Services

We gather for the May Crowning, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, and other opportunities to deepen our prayer life.

Prayerful Support

We are here to be partakers of God’s mission of bringing His eldest children Home to His Heart, and we are honored to support our residents in their faith journey.

Faith in Action

Our greatest honor is accompanying
residents on their final journey
to the Father.

Our many spiritual opportunities provide a fertile ground in which the love and presence of God can continue to flourish in the hearts of our residents.

Residents are invited to freely participate in these faith-based activities, but we respect that each resident has had a different experience with God.


Dignity of the Elderly and Vulnerable

In a world where the weak and vulnerable are often disregarded and isolated, we have found that the joyful meaning of life can often be seen through the eyes and smiles of these individuals.

One Sister shares that on a difficult day while on Communion rounds, she lingered for a moment with a resident after the resident had received communion. As she continued holding hands with the resident, the resident started pulling the Sister closer to her and then looked straight into her eyes and stated, “I love you.”

Hearing this from a resident who was not usually vocal or interactive, this Sister suddenly felt the gaze of God into her eyes and knew that even in all her service at the Home, the residents were giving her more than she could ever return. The residents revealed a glimpse of the face of God, which is what we all deeply long for.

As a skilled nursing home led by Catholic Sisters, spirituality is a living, breathing component of daily life at Mother of Good Counsel Home.
Living together onsite in a community of Sisters strengthens and guides our work as we and our mission partners accompany residents through the challenges and joys of aging.

Spiritual life at our Home blends love, compassion and respect for life in all forms at all times. Even as one’s spheres of outside interests decrease, spirituality in later life often expands and deepens.

Our Sisters and mission partners are taught and inspired by the deep well of wisdom present in our residents’ spirituality.

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